CrITERIA brings together specialists from different disciplines including geochemistry, hydrogeology, civil and chemical engineering, plant physiology, climate modeling and environmental technology.

It is anticipated that this interdisciplinary approach will aid the development of the water management process at all stages of the project, i.e. from the characterisation and conceptualisation of the studied water bodies to the analysis of water uses and demands, the estimates and costing of contamination impact for various water uses and the identification of cost effective potential measures.

Video interview on irrigation water issues with a local farmer in Greece.

Stakeholder participation is central in our project and fulfills many functions, including acquisition of information and expertise of direct use for the water uses and demand analysis.

Furthermore, public participation and active involvement of water administrators in innovative monitoring techniques based on a participatory approach will contribute to translating policy implementation into outcomes on the ground.

CrITERIA participatory workshop in Thiva, Greece (June 2018).