Water Sampling & Analysis

The project developed full documentation of used sampling procedures including detailed description of the Protocol for water sampling (WP1.2) and recommendations on analytical quality control in compliance with existing guidelines for best practice (e.g. ISO 5667-1:2006, ISO 5667-20:2008).

Water Demand

Full documentation in the form of reports is developed based on available data concerning agricultural, civil and industrial water demands in the study areas. All data are linked to the total project database.

Analysis of Water Costing

The project reports on estimates and costing of Cr(VI) contamination impact for various water uses under present and future climate change conditions. The situation is assessed for each study area in order to answer basic questions following guidance by WFD-CIS on economics and the environment. A total water contamination costing report for all countries (WP3.2) has been compiled.

Effect of Climate Change

Based on precipitation data, a report is providing an overview of the present conditions and possible future changes in the study areas  based on CORDEX experiment simulations under RCPs 4.5 and 8.5 scenarios after further down-scaling over the case study areas, providing high spatial resolution information. Report on climate analysis for all countries (WP3.3)

Cost Effective Potential Measures

The deliverable is a concise treatment technologies screening matrix for Cr(VI) affected water bodies, including rating of each treatment technology against factors of relative overall cost and performance (e.g. operation and maintenance intensiveness, capital requirement, system reliability, time, availability and number of vendors).

Geo-spatial Database

All data produced by CrITERIA is supported and linked to a georeferenced spatial database in GIS environment. The database is accessed and constantly updating by all partners and is compatible with the WISE-SOE data reporting format. Data are available on request to interested stakeholders including water managers and water users. 

Participatory Communication Tools

CrITERIA provides a forum for interaction between the project participants but also other parties involved in water management. Communication events such as workshops, inviting key stakeholders are organised in each of the participating countries. The total findings of the project are presented in a final conference open to the scientific community and the public in 2019 in Greece. Several activities including press releases, You Tube videos and focused group discussions as well as social media presence of the project are utilized as effective communication and dissemination tools.