Τhe area of Schinos is located in the north-eastern part of Perachora peninsula and is surrounded by the Alkyonides Gulf. The drainage basin of Schinos covers approximately an area of 22.4 sq. km and is characterized by steep slopes due to active tectonics.

Schinos study area in red square.

According to the WFD classification of groundwater bodies, Schinos aquifer belongs to the groundwater body of West Geraneia Mountains (EL0600020). The under-study aquifer is an unconfined porous aquifer. It is located in the lowlands of the basin and is developed in alluvial deposits and talus cone formations consisting of weathered ophiolite material. The aquifer is shallow with water level elevation ranging from 2 to 15 m a.s.l.  The fractured ophiolitic aquifer is located mainly at the northern part of the basin while the karstic aquifer is located mainly at the southeast part of the basin.

The main pressures posed to the aquifer are diffused sources of contaminants such as nitrification due to the presence of domestic sinks and small-scale irrigation of allotments while sea water intrusion also occurs due to over pumping. Groundwater abstractions are mainly for domestic irrigation purposes as almost each residence has its own well or borehole. During the summer, water demand increases,and the aquifer is exploited for the supply of drinking water network.