Location and geology of Mersin area in Turkey.

The study area in Turkey is focused in Mersin which is located on the southern coast of Turkey. The area has been subject to rapid agricultural and industrial development during the recent several decades. This development causes a considerable internal migration from rural areas. In addition, many people came from Syria to Mersin in last several years because of the war.

At present, part of the drinking and irrigation water demand is supplied by the Berdan Dam, located to the northeast of the studied region. However, groundwater is also widely used for domestic, agricultural, and industrial purposes, in the study area. Groundwater is preferred to surface water obtained from open drainage canals because of the high suspended solids content of the surface water which blocks irrigation pipes. In addition, groundwater is also increasingly preferred in industrial use because of its annual stability of physical and chemical properties. Moreover, an increasing number of summer resorts, which are situated mostly along the western coast, almost always meet their potable water demand from groundwater via private wells. While the increasing population and the current socio-economic development trend will obviously increase the pressure over the share of available water resources among domestic, agricultural and industrial use.

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